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Manhole cover

We will do our best to create the best quality with advanced technology and endless product development.

Until the highest quality manholes are made, rigorous process and scientific design must be supported. Segye Cast Iron delivers the highest quality through a scientific, industry-leading eight-step production process. We bring back our ancestors' craftsmanship today and do our best without neglecting a single process.


  • Drawing

    01 Drawing CAD drawing, mold making

  • Melting Process

    02 Melting Process Electric induction furnace

  • EPC Molding Process 1

    03_1 EPC Molding Process 1 EPC

  • EPC Molding Process 2

    03_2 EPC Molding Process 2 Sand treatment processing line- continuously producible

  • EPC Molding Process 3

    03_3 EPC Molding Process 3 Medium and large hydraulic automatic molding machine

  • Casting process

    04 Casting process that improved the conventional working mode

  • Casting process

    05 Knock out and post-processing batch processing system

  • Lathe processing 1

    06_1 Lathe processing 1 Improved working speed by increasing lathe processing equipment

  • Lathe processing 2

    06_2 Lathe processing 2 Improved working speed by increasing lathe processing equipment

  • Powder & coating process 1

    07_1 Powder & coating process 1 Mechanized coating process

  • Powder & coating process 2

    07_2 Powder & coating process 2 Mechanized coating process

  • 제품검사

    08 Product inspection (except static load inspection)