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The dream of Segye Cast Iron is
to create a value for the space where humans and nature breathe.

Through continuous research and development, SEGYE CAST IRON is making every effort to produce perfect products that satisfy customers, as well as to provide users' safety and eco-friendly products for the 21st century. As a result of such research and development, we have registered and retained a number of certifications and patents.



Introduction of C.I & B.I

Segye Cast Iron has newly developed C · I and B · I for endless development and leap forward. The newly developed C · I, B · I will establish the status as the No.1 company in the industry and lay the foundation for expanding into the global market. Through the development of C · I, B · I which was carried out as a world-class product design development project of the Korea Institute of Design Promotion under the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, we will become a world-class manufacturer.



C.I_ The logo of segye cast iron, which consists of two ovals, is a graphic representation of the manhole cover, the core business of the company. In addition, the green color on the letter is indicating its commitment to being an eco-friendly company.



B.I_ Caston is a brand name that combines cast iron and is a strategic brand name to grow as a representative brand of the manhole cover industry. One big circle of Caston serves as a big window into the willingness of Segye to express itself, and to express the infinite possibilities within it. It is not a symbol of a simple manhole cover, but a symbol of organic and environmentally friendly products.